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Tech Mahindra has had a good third quarter in FY-20, with a 5.1% increase in revenue and multiple strategic deals and acquisitions. The tech giant, recently announced the launch of a Google Cloud Center of Excellence in Hyderabad.

The tech giant also launched a Google Cloud Center of Excellence in Hyderabad
The tech giant also launched a Google Cloud Center of Excellence in Hyderabad

This COE will provide enterprises with access to technology and services required for cloud migration, help develop artificial intelligence and help to move critical workload to the Google Cloud. Additionally, the COE will also provide data analytics solutions and will also aim to enhance workplace collaboration and productivity.

As part of the TechMNxt charter, Tech Mahindra has developed several solutions on next generation technologies such as AI, Machine Learning (ML), Analytics and Augmented Reality on the Google Cloud. Tech Mahindra also won many deals across the U.S., U.K. and Australia including-

  • Developing SAP Cloud platform-based applications for a U.S. based multinational
  • Digital transformation and rationalization of the technology stack for an Australian bank
  • Engaged as a technology modernization partner to digitize the operational landscape for a U.K based logistics company

C P Gurnani, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Tech Mahindra, said, “This is a quarter of strong growth across our Communications and Enterprise businesses. We continue to win marquee deals and are well poised to capitalize on new market opportunities with technology shifts like 5G, which will continue to be a key focus area in the year ahead.”

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