Rise for Good

Leading from the Front

Giving back to the communities it operates in has always been the credo of Mahindra & Mahindra. It is hardly a surprise then that the Group was among the first from the corporate world to begin the fight against the Coronavirus.

Employees from Mahindra’s Igatpuri and Mumbai plants worked day and night to make a working prototype of a ventilator. Soon, based on research and expert feedback, they had developed a lighter, more compact, low cost prototype and were collaborating with an existing ventilator manufacturer to ramp up production. The ventilators have been christened AIR100.

Mahindra’s Kandivali plant in Maharashtra and Pithampur in Madhya Pradesh have started manufacturing face shields, based on a design shared by partner Ford. Starting with 500 masks a day; the plant has already ramped up production to meet the huge requirement for these shields across the country.

Mahindra has also produced a low-cost sanitiser. The product has already undergone a series of tests and the firm has just received the license to begin mass production which has already begun.

Alyte emergency cab services, launched by Mahindra Logistics in Hyderabad to provide transport facilities to those affected by the pandemic, has now teamed up with the police force in four more cities - Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. The company has provided six vehicles for the benefit of citizens especially the disabled, elderly and pregnant women in Mumbai. The service will be free round-the-clock cab service.

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