The parable of a barren desert powering the nation

Spread across five states, Susten supplies 2.6 Billion kW of green power to the national grid which translates to the electricity consumption of 17 Lakh people

In the heart of the Thar Desert, Mahindra Susten has defied all odds to harness the sun's energy to power millions of homes across India. Amidst challenges like COVID-19 and scorching heat waves, Mahindra Susten's 250 mW solar plant at Bap, Rajasthan stands as a beacon of human ingenuity and innovative solutions for the future.

Mahindra’s latest blog is a deeper look into the unique features of the 250 mW solar plant at Bap, and the hurdles encountered and overcome during implementation. The project has been a bundle of challenges for Mahindra Susten. Challenges associated with COVID-19 timing, and extreme heat waves during summer being some of the prominent ones.

The plant was developed on land procured by Mahindra Susten and includes a 220 kW plant-side substation development and a transmission line of 15.56 km. The power generated is transmitted to the ISTS (Interstate Transmission Substation) and translates to the annual electricity consumption of several households in neighbouring towns and states.

The project features a 100% automatic dry-cleaning system for module cleaning and water-saving initiatives like rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge systems. These efforts aim to minimise water usage and contribute to local water source replenishment. The project's success highlights Mahindra Susten's commitment to renewable energy and environmental responsibility. By harnessing the power of the sun in a non-agricultural land, Mahindra Susten is contributing to India's green energy transition. The Bap Solar project serves as a significant step towards Mahindra Group's mission of carbon neutrality by 2040.

So, can a barren desert power a nation? Find out how Mahindra Susten transformed a desolate landscapes into a powerhouse of renewable energy

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