Champions of change: Transforming aspirations for a better tomorrow

On November 14, 2023 (Children’s Day) Mahindra Group took the opportunity to connect with the future architects of the world. We engaged with the brilliant young minds of our associates, delving into their aspirations for a better tomorrow and their ideas on sustainability. The innocence of children often holds transformative power, and their insightful responses provide a glimpse into the kind of world they envision. We at Mahindra recognise the significance of the 'Citizens of the Future' and the impact they will have on shaping the landscape of businesses and corporations.

In our video, children express their desires to turn hate into love, eliminate litter, and rid the world of plastic to combat pollution. Their simple yet profound solutions challenge us to reflect on the positive impact that we, as a company, can make. As we celebrate these young change-makers, let us heed their call to action, knowing that the citizens of the future will ask questions that demand purpose and responsibility from us.

Watch the full video to witness the inspiring ideas these young minds have in store.

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