A week of Diwali joy, creativity and tradition

The office radiated festive joy, blending creativity and tradition. Teams transformed workspaces with captivating bay decorations. The Shopping Bazaar dazzled with handlooms, handicrafts, and tempting treats, adding a delightful touch to the celebrations. The spotlight shone on delectable delights and cultural elegance during the Diwali Special Food Mela and Traditional Day, as teams showcased their flair in traditional attire. Cherish these vibrant moments and let the radiant spirit of Diwali continue to illuminate our Mahindra family!

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  • warangaldepot swaraj 8 months ago
    Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Diwali! May the light of the diyas guide you towards the path of happiness and success. On this Diwali, I pray to Lakshmi to bless you with wealth, health, and happiness. May you and your family enjoy this festive season with peace and joy.