“My vision is to electrify the segment” – Suman Mishra, CEO, Mahindra Last Mile Mobility

Suman Mishra stepped into a new role as CEO of Last Mile Mobility in 2021.

When she assumed the responsibility of Mahindra Last Mile Mobility, its sales numbers were barely 1,000 units a month; today, it sells more than 4,000 units every month.

In last-mile connectivity, Mahindra currently has nearly 12.6% of the market share. One of the first things she did after joining Mahindra LMM was to give the company a vision and direction.

Even though India is the largest manufacturer of three-wheelers, the penetration of EVs in that segment is just seven to eight per cent currently, but she is confident. “I’m clear about what needs to be achieved and who needs to achieve it,” says Mishra.

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