The power of collective action

On December 5, 2023, the spirit of community service echoed through the actions of every Mahindraite

Since 2005, Mahindraites have dedicated over 44+ lakh hours to social causes. Last year, over 9,000 volunteers contributed nearly 26,900+ person-hours across various social causes, showcasing the spirit of Rise through actions like blood donation, tree planting, aiding people with disabilities, and beach clean-ups. This year’s event continues to be a beacon of service, with our associates generously taking time out of their schedules to be part of this transformative day.

In comparison to last year, this year saw a 31% rise in number of volunteers and 24% increase in the person- hours clocked by the volunteers.

This year too, on December 5, the Worli office transformed into a hub of altruism. The event, a reflection of every Mahindraite's commitment to social responsibility, brought together associates in a collective effort to make a meaningful impact on communities.

The second edition of Mahindra Volunteering Day was in partnership with ConnectFor that helped curate four activities: including a Blood Donation drive, cloth-bag making, sensory-board making and an online initiative. “The turnout was impressive, particularly for the cloth-bag making activity, which saw 198 spot-on registrations,” says Sunny Gangar, manager – CSR.

A day of heroic contributions

The day commenced with a Blood Donation Drive, where associates became real-life heroes by donating to a life-saving cause. The drive brought together both, first and long-time donors, queuing up with the intent of bringing about positive change. Encouraging their coworkers to engage in the drive, they acknowledged our shared responsibility to contribute blood for those in need. Their donations, facilitated by Mahindra, will now impact the lives of thalassemia-afflicted children, embodying the spirit of Rise in action.

Green initiatives

In the car park area, Mahindraites were eager to embrace sustainability. Old newspapers and T-shirts were ingeniously transformed into eco-chic bags, echoing our associates’ commitment to eco-consciousness. Participants expressed their realisation of the importance of sustainable choices, particularly in the shift towards eco-friendly alternatives, like using paper and cloth bags over plastic ones. 

Crafting compassion

The sensory board-making session saw our volunteers passionately craft sensory boards, bridging creativity with compassion and dedicating their time to benefiting specially-abled children with tactile wonders. These boards will find their way to NGOs, bringing joy to children from underprivileged communities.

Colours of change

Extending the Mahindra Volunteering Day celebrations, Mahindraites and their families came together for Artshala, a school painting activity at a Nanhi Kali school in Kurla, Mumbai on December 09, 2023. Brightening up the learning environment for 2,150 children, this activity aimed to enhance visual learning, regularise attentiveness and improve the overall teaching process through the renovated school walls.

The visual learning themes in the classrooms extended from the alphabet to showcasing the evolution of telecommunications; from the solar system to climate change. Adults a top chairs and desks, children colouring within lines and the organisers creating every colour you desire – was a sight to behold at the Mahindra Volunteering Day 2023 concluding event!

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