Keshub Mahindra: A pioneer, a visionary and an irreplaceable figure in the Indian industry

Born on October 9, 1923, in Shimla, Keshub Mahindra was a graduate of Wharton at the  University of Pennsylvania. He joined Mahindra and Mahindra in 1947 and became Chairman in 1963.

A renowned philanthropist, Keshub Mahindra, redefined good corporate governance in India. He was an exemplary statesman and an irreplaceable figure in Indian industry, revered for his vision, his business acumen, his leadership by example, and above all, for his uncompromising professional integrity.

Keshub Mahindra remained one of the directors on Mahindra & Mahindra's board for 64 years, overseeing the group's transformation from a steel trading company to a $15.4 billion diversified group.

A look at his famous quotes


“We operate in an open culture which fosters empowerment and respect for the rights and dignity of individuals, and our people support the fundamentals of the Rise movement, in which we encourage people's endeavours to attain excellence and unleash their individual and collective talents. It is a matter of great joy for me that these are the values ingrained in the minds and hearts of our people and the Company has grown the way it has because of you and your devotion to the Company's goals.”


"We believe in building relationships through trust and faith, in a manner which is totally transparent. Our ethics and codes of behaviour are not negotiable, we respect the rights and dignity of the human being and believe in every individual’s limitless ability to excel. These are values which have endured since the Company was founded.”

Open culture

“We have an open culture which leads to employee empowerment, unleashing the human potential, as we move ahead in our journey towards excellence.”

Empowering people

“Our strength is our people. We believe that by encouraging people to think beyond their power is limitless, by empowering people to act and work together, the results attained are beyond expectations. By respecting the dignity of individuals, we motivate them and encourage them to have faith in themselves.”


“The values that are embedded in the working culture of M&M are basically the ones laid down by the founders of the company. They are simple. Words in themselves have little meaning until they are reflected in your actions. What has been a great source of pride and delight for me is the unsullied reputation for integrity and principled action that our Group of companies enjoy, in spite of an increasingly murky environment.”

Read what our leaders had to say in the memory of Keshub Mahindra

Our Chairman, Anand Mahindra, posted this photo and tweeted, “Travel well, Uncle Keshub. I know you must be exploring new, off-road trails wherever you are…” This was accompanied by a small prayer.

Anish Shah, MD & CEO of Mahindra Group, tweeted a heartfelt farewell, saying, “Deeply saddened by the demise of our Chairman Emeritus, Shri Keshub Mahindra. An exemplary statesman, revered for his vision, business acumen and integrity, he redefined corporate governance in India. His mentorship has been invaluable, his values will continue to define our path.” ”

Asha Kharga, Chief Customer and Brand Officer, Mahindra Group, tweeted, “A sharp business leader deeply loved by all. A life full of purpose and integrity. A life well lived. Shri Keshub Mahindra…may his soul rest in peace.”

Keshub Mahindra will always be an inspiration for the entire Mahindra Group.

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