Future meets history

Launched early this year, the Museum of Living History is a living, breathing testament to the Group’s identity – its philosophy, DNA, core values, and culture.

The experience isn’t just a peep into the past but also a celebration of the present and a continuum to the future, connecting the historical richness of the last 75 years.

The artefacts stand the test of time to reflect the ever-evolving present and the undiscovered future of the Mahindra Group.

Above all, the museum is a celebration of the people of the Mahindra Group and the legacy they left behind.

The values, beliefs, and philosophy have guided the Group and continue to shine a light on the path ahead.

When our young colleagues entered the museum, they were mesmerised and enthralled by the surreal experience that awaited them within.

Watch the video of the GMCs (Group Management Cadre) captured on their first week of induction and joining the organisation. Their absolute Aha! Moments after a walkthrough. What stood out to them and how the Group’s values reflected through the museum’s artefacts-in-motion made a lasting impact on them.

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  • Samuel Premkumar 11 months ago
    Are past vehicles and technologies exhibited in the museum ? Mahindra started as a automobile company and have made more than 100 different types of vehicles (as well as tractors) which participated in India's growth story. Like a BMW or a Mercedes museum in Stuttgart, are you not planning have a physical museum of cars, SUVs, UVs and Tractors
  • The Government of India handed out special gift hampers to the G20 Heads of State and leaders representing their countries, including a remarkable addition: Araku Coffee. The Mahindra Group's partnership with Araku Coffee represents a commitment to quality, sustainability, and the empowerment of local¬†communities.
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    Bridging the digital divide
    Sustainable agriculture
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