Celebrating the women of Mahindra

As we dedicate this month to the women in our midst, it is our honour to 'cover' and celebrate those who continue to Rise every day. On International Women’s Day, Mahindra is showcasing 31 women employees — their images presented in the form of a magazine cover — on the Group’s social media pages. The posts feature a short profile of the person, highlighting the trait that helps them Rise.

Let us take a look at some of the employees who have been featured so far:

Sheetal Mehta, Executive Director – ME Trust & Chief CSR, on Day 1 for our #SheIsOnTheRise series. “I am Humbled, therefore I Rise.”

Padma Parthasarathy, Senior VP and Global Head - Consulting & Digital Services, Tech Mahindra, on Day 2 for our #SheIsOnTheRise series. “I am Empathetic, therefore I Rise.”

Chitra Biswas, Assistant Manager, Quality Products, Mahindra Lifespaces, on Day 3 of our #SheIsOnTheRise series. “I'm Headstrong, therefore I Rise.”

Himani Pandey, Senior Manager, Business Development, Mahindra Summit Agriscience Ltd., on Day 4 for our #SheIsOnTheRise series. “I am fearless, therefore I Rise” https://twitter.com/MahindraRise/status/1499629529647955968

Sunetra Ganesan, CFO, Mahindra EPC Irrigation Limited, on Day 5 for our #SheIsOnTheRise series. "I am Synergetic, therefore I Rise."

J. Banoo, Principal Engineer, FE and Machinery DI, on Day 6 for our #SheIsOnTheRise series. "I am Confident, therefore I Rise."

Simmi Dhamija, Chief Transformation Officer, Tech Mahindra, on Day 7 of our #SheIsOnTheRise series. "I'm Perseverant, therefore I Rise."

K Shashikala, Senior Manager, Quality, Mahindra Aerospace, on Day 8 for our #SheIsOnTheRise series. "I am Focused, therefore I Rise."

Would you like to be featured on the #SheIsOnTheSeries? What is it that makes you Rise? Contact your HR leads to share your profile.

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