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Mahindra Auto clocks highest-ever SUV sales in February 2022 with 27,551 vehicles
The overall volumes for the month stood at 54,455, registering a growth of 89%. Read more

Mahindra’s Farm Equipment Sector sells 18,910 units in India during February 2022
Domestic sales were at 18,910 units, as against 27,170 units during February 2021. The total tractor sales (Domestic + Exports) during February 2022 were at 20,437 units, as against 28,146 units for the same period last year. Read more

As India's rickshaws go electric, more companies plug in
Mahindra & Mahindra's electric auto-rickshaw is seen as a promising vehicle for last-mile delivery. Read more

Leased Electric Vehicles are changing e-commerce deliveries
With the availability of leasing models for EVs, more business and delivery aggregators will embrace electric vehicles for the last-mile connectivity and beyond. Read more

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  • Mohammed Altaf 2 years ago
    Very informative
  • World Turtle Day, observed every year on May 23, raises awareness about the lifestyle and habitats of turtles and their crucial roles in ecosystems. Our Club Mahindra properties at Varca and Puducherry are located near turtle nesting beaches, offering its guests unique opportunities to witness this remarkable¬†event.
  • In celebration of the International Day for Bio Diversity (May 22) this year's theme is 'Be part of the Plan.' How are you being part of the plan?
    1. Supporting conservation efforts in my local community
    2. Advocating for biodiversity-friendly policies
    3. Educating others about the importance of biodiversity
    4. Making sustainable choices in my daily life