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How has your organisation ensured and sustained a ‘for all’ culture?

Club Mahindra shot up to 20th rank in the ‘Best Company to Work For’ by ‘Great Places to Work', a global authority on building, sustaining and recognising high-trust, high-performance cultures in the workplace. And great work culture means great inclusivity. A culture that surpasses gender parity and ensures equal opportunity for all people, regardless of their backgrounds.

We extend our boundaries beyond equal opportunities and work towards building equity to offer relevant resources and interventions for all.

We take ‘Career Intentionality’ extremely seriously, which empowers our employees through programmes on sensitisation towards all and against existing and unconscious biases; supporting and strengthening everyone at various stages of their lives and careers; and most importantly, fuelling financial wellness and independence.

Last but not least, an inclusion that does not restrict itself to only gender but expands to early career talent, people living with disabilities, underrepresented minorities, LGBTQ, and the work force over 50.

For us, at Club Mahindra, inclusion is not simply an agenda on the whiteboard but our ammunition for growth.

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