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Mahindra Electric and CSC partner to promote electric vehicles

In a move to enhance sustainable connectivity in the country, Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited (MEML) has partnered with Common Service Centers (CSC). Through this association with CSC, MEML will offer their range of electric vehicles like the Treo and Alfa to aspiring customers in the rural markets. These customers will benefit from the massive savings that Mahindra Electric’s three-wheelers offer and enhance their livelihoods. For example, the Mahindra Treo electric auto offers an unbelievable saving of up to INR 5 lakh in fuel cost in five years compared with a diesel three-wheeler, and at the same time, an amazing saving of up to INR 2 lakh in five years versus a CNG three-wheeler. Similarly, a Mahindra Treo Zor electric or e Alfa Cargo offer fabulous savings of up to INR 60,000 in a year compared with a diesel cargo three-wheeler.

Electric mobility in rural India will receive a huge boost through this association, and at the same time, pollution levels will be in check as well. Through this initiative, customers would get an opportunity to become entrepreneurs by purchasing multiple Mahindra Treo or Alfa electric vehicles, deploying them for pollution-free mobility/logistics operations and be sustainable in the long run.

While MEML, India’s No. 1 electric three-wheeler company*, is helping propagate the adoption of electric three-wheelers across India, CSC – a government organization – helps provide employment in the rural regions of the country. CSC appoints Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) to facilitate a smoother operation and form the connection between customers and the OEMs. The VLEs spread awareness of the government initiatives amongst others in the villages.

Over a Facebook live session, MEML CEO Suman Mishra and CSC SPV CEO Sanjay Rakesh announced this collaboration. Suman Mishra said, “Such tie-ups can provide gainful employment opportunities for the educated youth in India to earn a proud livelihood. The earning ability with Mahindra electric three-wheelers is quite high while the maintenance is the lowest when compared to conventional fuel vehicles and the benefit to environment is significant. This tie-up will help us to penetrate rural markets and propagate the use of electric vehicles, thereby helping India achieve its EV mission quicker.”

For Mahindra, the tie-up helps in more ways than one. While there are more than 800 outlets that sell the Mahindra range of last-mile mobility products in both electric as well as conventional fuel forms, the penetration of CSC in reaching rural markets is unmatched. Currently, the network of VLEs extends to more than 4.7 lakh individuals across the nation, while the number of CSCs is 4.5 lakh. The rural e-mobility programme was kickstarted last year by CSC to promote electric vehicles and electric charging infrastructure.

*As per SIAM billing data for January 2022, for electric three-wheelers in the combined L5 passenger and cargo segments.

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