“Our collective commitment to the Code is the driving force that truly makes Mahindra Rise.” - Dr. Anish Shah, MD and CEO

What is the Code of Conduct?

The Code of Conduct is our fundamental policy document, outlining the requirements that every single person working for and with the company must comply with, regardless of location. We also have additional policies that we need to adhere to, which are specific to a role or location.

The Code applies to our company and employees. It sets out our expectations of all those who work with us. We also expect those who deal with us to be aware that this Code underpins everything we do and act in a manner consistent with it.

Our playbook to win

Our Code of Conduct is inspired by the world’s most loved game, football. The Code is equated to the rules of football, flouting which would accrue fouls, penalties, or red cards. Much like the rules of football, our Code of Conduct sets out what we expect from every single person working for and with the Mahindra Group. It also underlines our responsibilities to our people, partners and shareholders. The Code of Conduct (‘Code’), like a playbook, helps us make ethical decisions and tells us where to go for more information.

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Message from our Coach’s desk

“This Code of Conduct sets out what all of us need to understand and do, to ensure the highest standards of corporate behaviour. Please do study these principles and, more importantly, practise them in word and deed. If each and every one of us sees ourselves as a role model for good governance, our Mahindra Group will continue to be rich in the things that money can’t buy.” – Anand Mahindra, Chairperson, Mahindra Group


Message from our Captain

“The new Code has been simplified and made easy to understand. It is more relevant with the inclusion of new clauses in line with evolving governance practices. Further, the scope has been widened to cover data privacy, sustainability, prevention of sexual harassment, and international sanctions. The Code binds all of us, irrespective of business, function, or location. It keeps our businesses strong and future ready. Our collective commitment to the Code is the driving force that truly makes Mahindra Rise.” – Dr. Anish Shah, Managing Director and CEO Mahindra Group


Here’s what our other leaders have to say about the Mahindra Code of Conduct

Rajesh Jejurikar, Executive Director, Auto and Farm Sectors at Mahindra Group
“We have the highest standards in the space of governance, ethics, and integrity. Any violation on the count of ethics and governance is something where we follow a zero-tolerance policy. Hence, we wanted to create a code of conduct which is simple, easy to implement and where we expect, all our employees to give their complete commitment to complying fully with it. We have to know the content of what we are supposed to follow and hence, there are multiple courses, awareness programmes that have been created so each of us completely understands the code of conduct in spirit and letter.”

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Ruzbeh Irani, President – Group HR

“Ethics and good governance are the foundations on which the Mahindra Group is built. Our code of conduct encapsulates the way we do business. We have contemporised the Code and made it simpler and easier to understand. I request each one of you to read the code and live it in your everyday life.”

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Explore and engage with the complete Mahindra Code of Conduct through a gamified lens, where the content is equated to the various elements of the game of football. Read it here.

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