Real life superhero inspires hope

Nimba Bhamare, from the Mahindra Auto Sector in Nashik, was safe during the pandemic but couldn’t help but notice the struggle that the rest of his fellow drivers were going through. They spent hours on the road transporting essential commodities and couldn’t see their families for months. A worried Nimba was motivated by his family, and along with his wife, distributed food packets for the drivers on the road.

Nimba took all safety precautions, and along with his colleagues, ventured out to deliver the food packets to the drivers in the Nashik Cross Dock. Furthermore, in June, Nimba and his colleagues even set up the Annachatra Gallery or food gallery at the Nashik and Chakan Cross Docks for the drivers. Along with food, they also distributed medicines to ensure that the drivers could maintain their immunity during the pandemic.

Nimba and his colleagues went a step ahead by organising a blood donation camp to support the children of the local orphanage. “I cannot stop myself from being thankful — for the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and for being able to witness the power of kindness,” says Nimba.

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