Volunteering to help others, despite undergoing hardship

The Covid-19 period allowed many of us to move back to our hometowns to work remotely and reconnect with our hobbies and passion that we once put on the backburner. For Manoj Tailor, working at Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh gave him a chance to support the community while going back to his roots.

During the initial lockdown period, Manoj realised the stress it had put on many, especially those who were unable to get a hold of face masks. Being in the family business of tailoring and with his father’s support, he decided to shake off his rusty skills and get back to the trade he had practised long ago. Manoj started stitching masks after his work hours and distributed them amongst his colleagues and people in the community. The fact that he was able to support his colleagues, who continued to work at the resorts during the Covid-19 period, gave him immense gratification.

However, Manoj did face some hardships, as he lost his father during the pandemic. But despite this, he continued to volunteer since his father inspired him. Manoj’s resolve saw his wife join him in stitching additional masks as well. Together, they stitched and distributed around 200 masks free of cost. For Manoj and his wife, the whole process gave immense joy and inner peace. Manoj’s volunteering journey further continued as he joined his colleagues in distributing grocery and food kits to underprivileged communities in villages adjacent to the resort.

Volunteers like Manoj serve as a reminder to take that first step, even from the confines of our home, to make a positive change and help others ‘Rise’.

So, in whose life have you brought about a change today?

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