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“I can never forget my struggles and life experiences’’

“Working in Club Mahindra has been a dream come true. It has been a fulfilling experience. I am respected in the organisation even if I am specially-abled,” says Anwar Shaikh, looking back at his journey.

Thirty-five-year-old Anwar lived in extreme poverty in Latur, Maharashtra. Battling speech impairment since childhood, his life was filled with misery and disappointments. He craved acceptance and wanted to be like others. But as the years passed by, he came to terms with his disability. He recalls, “The struggle because of my disability was terrible. I can never forget that.” With no options available, he started work in a local paan-bidi shop.

Society’s attitude disturbed him, but he continued his search for a job. Never one to give up, the turning point came when he joined Club Mahindra, Tungi, near Lonavala, Maharashtra, in 2016 in the Housekeeping department. Currently, he works as a Senior Service Facilitator at the resort. He has always had the support of his colleagues and superiors, and in his current role, Anwar has earned respect and love, especially from his mentor Sachin Kale. “Communicating with my co-workers and understanding the instructions of seniors were my biggest challenges in the organisation. But I could overcome the same with the support of my team members,” says Anwar, whose Rise moment came when he began to believe that he was capable of achieving anything that he wanted.

A people-friendly person, Anwar loves to paint and participates actively in cultural events at the resort. Being in the Housekeeping division, he gets a chance to interact with guests regularly, something which he could have never imagined a few years ago. “I have found fresh delight in talking to guests and ensuring that their time at our resort is nothing short of comfortable,” he states.

Anwar never let his disability define him, and today, he stands tall as a confident and strong-willed young man. He says, “Being differently-abled does not mean you should give up on your dreams. I enjoy setting the highest standards for myself in whatever I do, and I would love to keep it that way. I cannot thank Club Mahindra enough for this life-altering opportunity. No matter what googly life throws at you, with your dedication and diligence, you can hit it out of the park for a maximum!”

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