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Being heard

Delhi-based Sanjay Gupta was born with hearing impairment. After primary school, Sanjay moved on to study in special schools where he held the position of class captain every year. Once he completed his tenth standard, he began working as a television mechanic. However, Sanjay realised that he wasn’t getting paid enough to support his family of four. He got his break in 2006 when he enrolled in a year-long computer typing course with the Deaf Way Foundation, an NGO which aims to educate and empower deaf Indians through their educational and instructional programmes.

The team at the Deaf Way Foundation referred Sanjay for a position in Tech Mahindra. He sailed through the recruitment process and began working there on a contractual basis. In 2008, Sanjay got his ‘Rise’ moment — after 1.5 years, he officially joined the organisation as a permanent employee. Since then, there has been no looking back.

The 48-year-old has now completed 12 years with Tech Mahindra. “With God’s grace, I have been leading a content life and can fulfil my family’s needs. This is all thanks to Tech Mahindra, which gave me an opportunity to work and shine,” says Sanjay.

While Sanjay loves his work, there is something else that he is equally passionate about — chess. As he explains, “I have been playing chess for around 20 years at the state level and have won many awards and recognitions for it. I look forward to continue excelling at that as well.”

Sanjay never let his disability define him or hold him back, but he does believe that it took a village to help him reach where he is today. “I would like to thank the Deaf Way Foundation for helping me get this job and Tech Mahindra for giving me an opportunity to work and shine.”

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