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Lending a helping hand during the pandemic

Vineeth P came forward to help and lend unconditional love and support in these tumultuous times. Vineeth, who has been working with M&M as a Customer Care Manager in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, is compassionate about the people around him, who are battling the pandemic in some form or the other. “At a time when the second wave was wreaking havoc, it was the poor who suffered the most. Helping them in every possible way became my topmost priority,” says Vineeth.

Therefore, on his wife Aswathy A P’s birthday, he distributed free food for needy people in Maranalloor, his village in Thiruvananthapuram district in Kerala. “We could not do home visits because that wasn’t allowed. It was a collaborative effort as I took the help of authorised volunteers in my village to deliver meals,” he explains.

A community kitchen was set up in the local panchayat office in his village. “I could mobilise support at a time when these people really needed us. We bought vegetables worth INR 250 and 50kg rice to prepare meals for 150 people,” he adds. After the food was cooked, it was distributed free of cost by the team in hospitals and old age homes.

The exponential rise in COVID-19 infections also meant that the education of children took a backseat. One of his initiatives included providing educational support to kids who have been the worst affected. Close to 20 children have benefitted so far. His team handed over stationery such as notebooks and pens from the panchayat office, which they could use during their online classes.

Through his exemplary act of kindness, Vineeth P chose to Rise for good!

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