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India’s defence forces are augmenting their capabilities to prepare for future battle scenarios. Today’s high-tech world requires familiarity with next-gen technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR). Makers Lab, the research and development (R&D) arm of Tech Mahindra Ltd., has partnered the College of Military Engineering (CME), Pune, to address critical military challenges using next-gen technologies.

Tech Mahindra will establish a Makers Lab at CME to boost capabilities and promote R&D to provide cutting-edge technology solutions to the defence forces. Makers Lab will provide real world technological exposure to army officers at CME and assist them in understanding the nuances of next-gen technologies. “Makers Lab’s vision is to promote technology innovation by providing a common arm where academia, industry and government can come together to recognise transformative ideas and create disruptive solutions,” said Nikhil Malhotra, Global Head, Makers Lab. This collaboration will enable the defence forces to innovate and address critical military challenges by leveraging digital technologies and innovation.

“CME has domain expertise in the niche field of robotics and AI,” Said Lt. Gen. PP Malhotra, VSM, Commandant, CME. “With the assistance of Makers Lab, we will be able to solve many challenges for the Indian Army.” Lt. Gen. Malhotra added that he was hopeful that the collaboration would go a long way in undertaking research and development in an extremely challenging sphere.

Makers Lab is part of Tech Mahindra’s TechMNxT charter and is focused on leveraging next-gen technologies to develop future-ready solutions to enhance citizen services and customer experiences.

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