Saluting the challenger spirit of Mahindra

As the Mahindra Group completes its 75 years, we look at the rich legacy left behind by our risk-taking leaders over the last several decades. From being a steel trading company in 1945 to cementing its position as one of the largest multinational federation of companies, with 260,000 employees in over 100 countries, the Group has over the years remained true to its ethos, integrity and values instilled by founders JC and KC Mahindra.

A Banyan tree is an apt symbolisation of the Mahindra Group. The Banyan tree has a strong trunk that initially grows and spreads. The tree then sends down aerial roots that grow into the ground. For a while, these roots are nourished by the main trunk – but then they start their own cycle of growth and become trunks themselves. And these new trunks start nourishing other aerial roots of their own which ultimately grow into more trunks and so on. A thousand years later, if you ask which was the original trunk, you may not be able to tell. That is how it is with the Mahindra Group.

The attributes that best describe our organisational growth are – Ambition, Purpose, Excellence, Measured Risk, Trust, Respect, Integrity and Resilience.

Today, with a clear vision and an unshakeable sense of purpose, the Group continues to pursue innovative ideas that enable people to Rise. Guided by our leaders with a ‘can do’ spirit, Mahindra plays a pivotal role in scripting India’s growth story and furthering the vision of a truly self-reliant India.

Featured here are our illustrious leaders and Mahindraites on whose shoulders the company rests on.

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