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Two weeks ago, on a Sunday, I went to a movie theatre with my sister to watch Minari, a 2020 drama. It is a story of a Korean-American family building their life in rural Arkansas during the 1980s. Its emotional core packs a real punch. Jacob Yi, the patriarch, aspires to grow and sell Korean produce to Korean immigrants to give them a taste of home. Farming is a big thing in this movie, and thus, tractors appear twice throughout the movie.

You might have already guessed the surprise I am referring to when I mentioned farming. The tractors featured in the movie had the Mahindra logo, big and clear. My sister and most of the audience at the theatre might have missed it, but it caught my attention.

My eyes got fixed on the Mahindra logo on the side of the tractor (the family even blows a large sum of money on it), with each corner of my mouth going upward. It was an awe-inspiring moment at the first sight of the Mahindra tractor. In this visual vocabulary, I fully immersed myself in joy and excitement as if I found a treasure box on an island.

I wonder whether Mahindra did something regarding the exposure of the logo in that film! If it was a coincidence, it is good for Mahindra. It could be a complimentary marketing opportunity as the film has been very well received so far. Minari has received many awards and nominations, including Best Foreign Language Film at the 78th Golden Globe Awards and six nominations for the upcoming Academy Award, the world’s most coveted film award.

I hope many of my Mahindra friends could experience this proud moment as I did!

- Eunhee Belle Kim,
Director, Business Development,
Mahindra Korea

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  • Shuchi Vyas 2 years ago
    I’m confused about the Mahindra tractor. The brand wasn’t introduced to the US market until 1994 and the move is set in the 1980s. Is this a huge mistake?
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