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e-Verito Makes Epic World EV Day Journey

On this World EV Day, September 9, organized by Mahindra Electric along with other global companies, Mahindra had a special reason to cheer. The Mahindra Electric e-Verito sedan successfully completed India’s first all-electric commercial vehicle journey from Delhi to Mumbai. BluSmart Mobility, an electric ride hailing platform, had flagged off a Mahindra e-Verito from Delhi on September 4, on a journey covering 1,564 kms.

The fully electric car is noiseless and entails zero emissions. Since fast-charging stations are not available at all locations along the way, the car mostly made use of slow charging from shops, restaurants and motels along the highway. In total, the car made five fast charges and six slow charges before reaching its destination. BluSmart had undertaken a similar, albeit smaller trip back in January 2019, when its EV cab had travelled 260 kms from Delhi to Jaipur. This time, the journey was five times longer.

This recent trip was to demonstrate that an electric car can do long-distance trips in India. “Our mission is to showcase that despite ground challenges, India is ready for EVs, even on highways” said Anmol Jaggi, Founder, BluSmart Mobility.

At a time when range anxiety that stems from a nascent EV charging infrastructure remains a challenge, the e-Verito cab bolted across Neemrana, Kothputli, Jaipur, Pali, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Vapi before reaching Mumbai.

Along with this accomplishment, one of the biggest successes of this trip was that the e-Verito saved 105kgs of CO2 emissions as compared to a traditional internal combustion engined car! This remarkable way to celebrate the #WorldEVDay has reinforced the fact that EVs are here to stay and are ready to lead the way towards cleaner modes of transportation.

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