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Tips to Increase Productivity while Working Remotely

The coronavirus pandemic has created an unprecedented situation with the country and many parts of the world under lockdown. Consequently, many organizations including the Mahindra Group have taken the lead to implement ‘Work from Home’ (WFH) policies. This unanticipated breakdown of conventional work culture demands a radical rethinking of workplace policies and practices.

Productivity and time management are the usual casualties of working remotely. But with health ministry guidelines advising total shutdown, WFH is here to stay for the conceivable future. Here are a few tips that might help you to manage your time better, thereby maximizing productivity.

1. Have a specific ‘work’ space
We know space is at a premium in most homes. But if you can organize one space – even if it’s only a desk in a corner – as your ‘work area’, you will find yourself being productive. Keep all your gear there – laptop, cell phone, chargers, pens, note paper, etc.

2. Plan your day
Plan your work day. Make a list of tasks / targets for each day. Prioritize your tasks and don’t forget to slot in some time for contingencies that might crop up.

3. Minimize interruptions
We get it. Children are at home too. So are your elderly parents. The TV is on. There are demands on your time that would not have been there had you been at work. Co-opt your spouse. Lay out a routine schedule for both of you – childcare, meals, whatever needs your attention should be divided to suit both your schedules. Use noise cancelling headphones if necessary.

4. Avoid personal chores during professional hours
You may be working from home but the operative word is ‘work’. The latest episode of your favourite web series can wait until the evening. So can a chat session with your neighbour. Lay down some ground rules for your family and follow them yourself.

5. Dress as if you are going to work
It is tempting to relax your routine schedule and just log in to work in your pyjamas. However, studies have shown that taking a shower and dressing up as if you were going to work makes you more productive.

Above all, stay safe and follow all health guidelines sent out by the medical community.

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