Two-thirds of India’s population is of working age – between 15 and 64, with a median age of 24 years. However, many young people, particularly from underserved communities, suffer from a dearth of jobs, even as Indian industries struggle to find skilled manpower.

The Mahindra Group has been continually working to raise awareness about the need for equipping the youth with industry relevant competencies and skills. Towards this end, the group has launched several skilling initiatives such as the Mahindra Pride Schools & Classrooms,  SMART ACADEMY, SMART Plus, and Surya Mitra. The goal of all these initiatives is to provide employable skills to youth from underprivileged communities that will enable them to secure jobs and build a solid foundation for the future.

Rising to the Occasion

On the occasion of its 75th anniversary celebrations, the Group launched the #SkillHaiTohFutureHai digital campaign to create more awareness about skilling for employability and showcasing its interventions in this area.

“Our corporate purpose is about creating a positive impact on the communities we serve, enabling them to rise,” explained Ruzbeh Irani, President, Group Human Resources & Communications, Mahindra Group.

Conceived and scripted by FCB Interface, the campaign is the story of a young woman who upgrades her skills through a skilling initiative and secures a good job. The twist in the tale lies in the fact that she is working in the same office where her father works as a peon. The film, short and to the point, underscores the need for youth to invest in themselves and acquire new skills.

“Skills are the need of the hour,” said Robby Mathew, chief creative officer, FCB Interface. “We have tried to bring alive the socio-economic importance of skilling through this short, emotional film.”

“The #SkillHaiTohFutureHai campaign is our message to today’s youth to focus on acquiring skills that will empower them to succeed”, concluded Mr. Irani.


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